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We have provided some basic information below which should help you understand some of the terms used.

Tree Preservation Order (TPO)
This is a protection placed on single or groups of trees by the local council. This preservation order states that trees may not be damaged, uprooted, felled or have any works carried out on them without written permission from the council. Works carried out without permission may be subject to large fines, compensation claims and in extreme cases a custodial sentence.

This is the cutting down of a tree from its base, leaving a stump. There are a number of techniques used to do this and a number of tools that can be utilised, such as a chainsaw, bow saw or axe.

Veteran trees
These are trees which are very old and often in a state of decline or have stopped growing. In many circumstances these trees have to be felled because they are considered unsafe. In recent years the value of such veteran trees has been recognised and as a result wherever possible part or all of these trees are left standing. Not only are these specimens interesting to look at but they offer homes to many species that younger trees do not. Fungi live amongst the roots and in the dead timber, bats roost in crevices and cavities in the wood and many insects prefer old trees thereby attracting birds which feed upon them. Veteran trees also have a lot of history beneath their bark. Oak trees may live 1000 years e.g. the Major Oak in Sherwood Forest. Some Yew trees are thought to be more than 2000 years old and so would have been alive when Jesus was born. They are a part of our natural heritage and should be preserved.

Tree-Surgeon Training

 For information on becoming a tree surgeon please see http://www.scjtraining.co.uk/


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